2023 Award Winner
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Taking the beginner friendly SEO tool to the next level with app and marketing website design and development.


100% Sold out within 24 hrs


Helped the Beta reach $1K MRR within 24hrs


More than 1000 people on the waitlist after Beta sold out.
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Clicks.so makes SEO simple for founders

Clicks.So is no normal SEO tool. It’s simple to see traffic changes and easier to use out the box than other more complex tools. In order to differentiate from other tools, we wanted to make the branding simple and easy while also being trustworthy and authoritative.

Step 1

Brand Identity

We worked fast to create something a brand identity that was simple, clear and authoritative. The user group that the client was targeting were from his YouTube channel learning about SEO. As a result, the target audience was possibly intimidated by SEO and wanted to have a powerful but fool-proof user interface. We wanted a trustworthy colour palette with an approachable warmth as the accent colour as well as a highly legible font.

Step 2

UI Design

With the brand identity done, we moved on to the UI. With a lot of clarity gathered from the brand identity process. We wanted to create a website that didn’t overwhelm the user with too much so we ensured there was intentional but subtle animations and large, clear product images.

Step 3

Webflow Development

With UI design completed, we moved on to development. Since prototyping was rapid in Figma, it was relatively simple to develop the marketing site. The app development was more complicated however. Combining the power of Wized and Webflow, we developed a killer app for the client that is not only clear and simple for users but the Jaume too.


Results that speak for themselves

With the Beta selling out within the first month, the website has helped Jaume develop a deeper relationship with his YouTube audience. By creating a marketing site and web app that has helped Jaume increase his notoriety in the space, Macu helped him reach the next level of his business.

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