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Vouchsafe is a brand identity verification platform based in the UK. We helped them create a fresh brand identity, website design and Webflow development.


7 weeks for brand identity refresh, web design and deveopment


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Vouchsafe verifies customers better

Vouchsafe verifies customers quickly and safely, even when they don’t have a passport or driving licence. Since this is completely novel in the brand identification industry, they wanted to create a brand identity to reflect that along with a new website.

Step 1

Brand Strategy

After brand exploration where we asked the Vouchsafe team all about how they got to where they are, how they want to be described, where they want to get to, we did some of our own research. Before doing any visual exploration, we dug in to the identity verification market to explore the market and competitor websites to determine how Vouchsafe could stand out. We explored Vouchsafe's mission, vision, and values. We analyzed Understanding the target audience allowed us to create a compelling visual identity.

Step 2

Brand Identity

For the brand identity, we selected vibrant colors like yellow, dark greens, and blues to avoid a dull blue-and-white scheme while retaining some of Vouchsafe's existing DNA. We chose Aeonic font for its balance of formality and playfulness. We opted for authentic photography over generic stock images to create a more natural and real feel.

Step 3

Web Design

Once we had a fresh design which still had the DNA of the old brand, we moved on to the wireframing. Starting with lo-fi, we worked with the Vouchsafe team to craft the copy and make something that truly reflected their tone of voice and messaging. From there we moved on to hi-fi wireframes and to incorporate the brand elements and little touches throughout the brand identity.

Step 4


We developed the website using Webflow and Tilebit.io to develop quickly and allow the Vouchsafe team to use the website moving forward. Vouchsafe now boasts a fresh brand identity and a website that reflects their essence with small animations adding personality. We look forward to supporting them as they continue to grow.

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