2023 Award Winner
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Styx Investments

Styx is an investment company that invests in entrepreneurs and communities who reimagine "the urban".


25 pages designed in figma and built in Webflow


Over $25M+ invested in venture capital


Companies founded
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What is Styx?

Styx, an investment firm based in Germany focusing on real estate and prop Tech startups, recently underwent a website migration to Webflow. The migration brought about significant improvements in their website management capabilities, empowering the Styx team to publish content, make updates, and scale their online presence more efficiently.

Step 1

Website Design

We we keen to create a design that feels fresh and modern. Investment websites don't have to be stale and boring. But they do need to be trustworthy. To revolutionize the investment landscape, Macu focussed on designing a fresh, clean and comprehensive website for Styx Investments.

Step 2

Website Design Implementation

The new homepage design features a modern and sleek layout with clear messaging. One notable section is the "Dashboard," providing visitors with a comprehensive overview of Styx's offerings and website functionalities. Styx's portfolio section showcases a diverse range of portfolio companies, each seamlessly controlled through the Webflow CMS. The slider format allows for easy navigation, and adding a new portfolio company is a simple process of entering relevant data, images, and text through the CMS.

Step 3

Webflow Development

The website was developed using Webflow. Since the website relied on being easily managed by the Styx team moving forward, the Webflow content management system was vital to organise the blog items.


Powerful results

The migration of Styx's website to Webflow has resulted in a highly functional and visually appealing online presence. The collaboration between Styx and the development team has enabled the successful launch of the project, providing Styx with enhanced website management capabilities.

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