2023 Award Winner
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North Coast Testing Labs

Cannabis safety and quality assurance web app re-designed for efficient communication and transparency.


Screens Designed in Figma


Reusable Components


Breakpoints Designed
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What's the Brief?

North Coast Testing Labs takes the lead in cannabis safety and quality assurance, offering an interface for labs to conduct comprehensive testing on behalf of their clients. With Macu’s help, we designed an updated interface that integrates smoothly with NCTL's branding. It eliminates redundancies, adheres to modern standards, and presents complex data clearly, promoting efficient communication between labs and clients.

Tools & Services Used for This Project

Each project requires unique attention to detail.

The Foundations

Style Guide & Components

Utilising NCTL’s logo, we took advantage of the brands existing colours to create a fresh style guide and components for the web app. The primary colours are shades of a warm green that are central to their visual identity, while the secondary colours give them more range to use as status indicators. Inter was our choice of typeface for its digital readability and aiding understanding when dealing with content-heavy-tables.

UI Design

Re-Designing the Interface

NCTL’s existing web app UI was not very user friendly. In the sea of complex data, there wasn't much negative space for the information to breathe, which did not help the user to focus on the elements that matter. We aimed to eliminate redundant elements, then ensure legible contrast between the remainders, all while updating these designs to modern standard of UI design.


Confidence in Transparency

Through our collaboration with North Coast Testing Labs, we've successfully redesigned their interface to enhance user comprehensibility and align with the brand's identity. While the primary purpose of the web app is to analyse products to ensure consumer health and confidence, the implementation of the updated User Interface has further solidified trust and transparency between clients and their laboratories.

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