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February 20, 2024

Top 4 Mind Blowing 3D Sites

3D sites are some of the most captivating types of websites but they can be overdone So today we're going to take a look at four incredible sites that you guys can try to build right now we're going to talk a little bit about how they achieved sites

1) Custom Van Builds


This website, builder.campsua.com, enables you to customize vehicles online, similar to the experience on the Ferrari site. You can view the entire car in a 3D space and tailor it extensively to your preferences.

The interactive feature updates the 3D model in real time as you make changes, providing a dynamic and engaging experience. While achieving this level of customization might seem complex, it's achievable with tools like Spline and Weow Collab, possibly utilizing triggers for rotations and object visibility control.

The site not only offers exterior views but also allows exploration of interior details like floor panels and wall panels, offering a wide range of customization possibilities. This platform presents a comprehensive and innovative approach to personalizing car models, making it a fantastic resource for creative projects.

3D interactions on site

2) Noomo Agency


Let's delve into the second example, which is more relevant to current design trends in the no-code realm. This agency incorporates numerous 3D elements on their webpage, taking users on an immersive journey as they scroll. This approach effectively guides users through the content and entices them to explore further.

Brace yourself for the final showcase, as it offers a mind-blowing journey through a 3D-driven site. While leading users on this captivating journey, they have the option to click on "View project" links, redirecting them to distinct pages for a seamless experience. The 3D elements not only enhance the visual appeal but also serve a practical purpose by allowing viewers to explore projects in detail.

Moving forward, we encounter another innovative use of 3D that broadens creative possibilities. For instance, even a traditional 2D agency specializing in photography and branding can leverage 3D effects, as demonstrated by the agency using 3D glass boxes for testimonials. This subtle yet impactful use of 3D not only showcases their expertise but also elevates the overall user experience.

Furthermore, another creative application involves showcasing awards in 3D, exemplified by the agency's display of accolades. Speaking of awards, our recent achievement of the Webflow Awards Educator of the Year is truly remarkable. I wanted to share this exciting news with you all, as it's a collective accomplishment that I'm thrilled to celebrate. This award can be integrated into websites in 3D format, as I've done for our upcoming course site. Stay tuned for more updates on this project.

These examples highlight the diverse applications of 3D technology, demonstrating its versatility and potential to enhance various digital experiences.

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3) Brewdistrict


The next project is an alcohol beer site that recently won the Site of the Day award on CSS Awards. What makes it unique is a 3D beer product featured on the site. As you scroll, the beer smoothly rotates and flips, creating an intriguing visual experience. The beer acts as a canvas, displaying storage advice, color, calories, and bitterness.

While I may not be a connoisseur of fancy beers, the site offers a variety of options. Clicking on the slider triggers animations, seamlessly transitioning between designs. The 3D element presents numerous creative possibilities. The object elegantly exits at the bottom, concluding with a rendering animation. Although a simple GIF, a similar effect could be achieved in Webflow using spline.

4) DeSo


This isn't your typical 3D setup with tangible objects. Instead, I believe it's a video or GIF that plays while we scroll. Let me pause my explanation and demonstrate the scrolling experience.

As we scroll, each section moves in unison with us, immersing us in the exploration of various clients linked to them. It also introduces us to the concept of the first blockchain that could revolutionize social media. While I'm not well-versed in the blockchain realm, this opens up numerous possibilities in the realm of 3D.

Continuing to scroll reveals a fascinating feature that I've revisited multiple times—it's created by one of my favorite studios. The interactive coins that appear as you scroll are remarkable. Initially, I thought this might be a video, but upon further exploration, I believe it's actual 3D, which is somewhat daunting as I'm unsure of the techniques utilized.

The content unfolds as we progress; clicking on the coins reveals a new discovery. The changing shadows add to the dynamic experience as we navigate through. Clicking around, I attempted to interact with other elements, but found no success. Descending into the facial area, numbers emerge, but the journey isn't over as we venture through a tunnel offering a tantalizing glimpse of the logo.

The transition back to 2D occurs, followed by the ability to flip the coins for more 3D exploration. While attempting to interact further, the site's complexity astounds me. The collaboration between two studios, Studio Freight and Ordinary Folk, is noteworthy. Studio Freight's agency site is particularly impressive, showcasing simplicity that's hard to master. The featured elements include the agency's name and projects, with detailed slideshows available upon clicking.

Ordinary Folk's contribution with the style guide or design enhances the site's visual appeal. The animations are exquisite, making this site a phenomenal creation. While it may not align with conventional 3D expectations, its sheer brilliance is mind-boggling. There are various ways to utilize 3D, from innovative approaches like the one discussed to more practical applications such as those seen with Nomo agency, featuring awards and testimonials.

Whether showcasing team members or products, there are abundant practical applications for 3D, especially with tools like Sply and Webflow making it more accessible. If you enjoyed this content, stay tuned for more. Remember to like, subscribe, and engage with the channel. Thank you for your continued support over the years. This award is a testament to your dedication and viewership. I appreciate each and every one of you. Signing off for now, see you next week.


Alright, folks, that's a wrap on our 3D web wonderland tour. I know, I know—it's been a bit like gobbling up a huge slice of high-tech pie, with all those juicy examples of websites pushing the digital envelope. Truth be told, though, sometimes this 3D fiesta can feel like a spicy flavor overload, especially if it's slathered on thicker than grandma's Sunday gravy.

But hey, remember those four stunners we chatted about? They're like the right pinch of chili flakes on your pizza—just enough zazz to make you go wow, not ow. Whether you're into beefing up your ride at builder.camp, getting artsy at the no-code design agency, tipping back a virtual cold one at the beer site, or flippin' coins in blockchain wonderland, there's a slice of 3D heaven for you to try your hand at.