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March 4, 2024

Top 5 GENIUS Webflow Cloneables of 2024

Animation can be the most time-consuming aspect of designing and building a site in Webflow. In this video, we'll explore five amazing Webflow clonables that can help you reduce the time spent on animations and enhance your design process. Let's dive in!


Link To Cloneable

First up is a Parallax effect animation. As we scroll through, you'll notice the images on the sides sticking to the background while the Parallax text moves elegantly. By exploring the file, you'll discover the magic lies in fixing the image within specific bounds, creating a stunning effect with minimal effort.

Parallax Template


Link To Cloneable

Next, we have a simple stacking animation for cards. Instead of intricate adjustments, this clonable offers a straightforward solution. By reducing the scale and brightness of each card as they stack, a seamless transition is achieved effortlessly.

Stacking Template


Link To Cloneable

Moving on to a more advanced feature, we encounter a roadmap animation that appears complex at first glance. However, a closer look reveals a clever technique using spacers and scroll animations to create the illusion of a detailed roadmap. By adjusting spacer sizes dynamically, the animation unfolds with finesse.

Roadmap Template (used in Clicks Landing Page)

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Link To Cloneable

Transitioning to a unique animation, we witness bubbles gracefully appearing as we scroll. Through a smart combination of design elements and scroll triggers, the bubbles come to life seamlessly, adding a touch of whimsy to the site.


Link To Cloneable

Lastly, we encounter a breathtaking animation that seems almost cinematic. Despite its intricacy, the animation is achieved within Webflow, showcasing meticulous attention to detail. Each element dances harmoniously, demonstrating the power of Webflow animations at their finest.

These clonables not only showcase the artistry of animation but also provide insights into creating captivating designs with ease. Dive into the world of Webflow animations and unleash your creativity. Discover the possibilities that await in the realm of dynamic web design. #Webflow #Animation #DesignInnovation